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This is a Multifandom blog, but really? You'll mostly find Supernatural here with Sherlock, Star Trek and many many more fandoms. I like tea, sleep and long scrolls through Tumblr! I write, I scratch paper with pencils, and I'm friendly, so I'm always up for a good chat! My OTP is Destiel if it wasn't obvious but I really love them okay? Okay. No fandom hate here, no OTP bashing, NO BASHING OF ANY KIND!
I will always eat the rude, ride in the backseat of the Impala, catch a taxi with Holmes, beam aboard the Enterprise, jump into the TARDIS, swing aboard the Millennium Falcon, cacth 'em ALL, owe Nook my entire soul, collect those rupees, blue myself, wear a heart on my cheek, hop onto the Hogwart's Express, assemble heroically, swing through Gotham, build a barricade, and so much more ! Just you wait and see<3 Currently a member of Team Sharkacabra, GISHWHES 2013!

For the SPN Art Challenge!

The theme was video games so… Animal Crossing was what popped into my head!

TFW as humans and animal villagers!

he horrible background was a bitch

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